We hire all kinds of equipment to schools theatres and music venues

Price: From €25 / day
  LED Cans
Price: From €10 /day
  Fresnel and PC
Price:From €5 / day
Price: From €8 /day
Power Amp.
Price: From €12.50/ Day
  32ch Mixing Desk
Price: From €25.00/ Day
  Wireless Outdoor
Price: 50.00/Day
  Active Speakers
Price: From 20.00 / Day


List of Lighting equipment for hire

  • 24pcs 1000w fresnel
  • 8pcs 1000w PC
  • 20pcs 650w Fresnel
  • 10pcs 650w Profile Spot
  • 20pcs 1000w Profile Spot
  • 20pcs LED Cans
  • 8pcs LED Wash
  • 6pcs 250w Movinghead Spot
  • 6pcs 575w Movinghead Spot
  • 4 pcs 575w Movinghead Wash
  • 10pcs 6ch 10A Dimmers
  • 24ch Control Desk
  • 48ch Control Desk
  • 510ch Control Desk



List of Sound equipment for hire

  • 24pcs UHF Radio Mic's
  • 24pcs UHF Radio Mic's (Body Pack)
  • 24pcs SM58 Cord Mic's
  • 8pcs Condenser Mic's
  • 2pcs 24ch Mixing Desk
  • 3pcs 16ch Mixing Desk
  • 3pcs 1k Power Amp.
  • 2pcs 500w Power Amp
  • 6pcs 300w Speakers
  • 4pcs 1000w Speakers
  • Mic Leads Speaker Leads Power Leads